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IT Director

  1. First Job: Sales associate at RadioShack.com in the computer section when I was 18.
  2. What music are you streaming right now? Rock! Classic and hard, everything from the Beatles to Thousand Foot Krutch depending on the desired affect / situation
  3. What is your favorite TV series? The Big Bang Theory and The Office.
  4. What is one thing people don’t know about you? Nothing! I’m an open book and over-sharer.
  5. What is your favorite hobby? Travelling somewhere new, hiking/exploring the area and flying my drone… preferably all at once.
  6. What is something God has been teaching you lately? Patience, gentleness, service and prayer. I tend to do more than think or be still, can be too direct at times, and prayer helps me be reminded of these things and to put others first.